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    Just a little experiment with a television channel identity of Greece
First off a disclaimer - This is not an actual logo but a theoretical and also practical exercise to create a brand logo mark for a television channel. In no way is this work related or produced on behalf of or for any organisation. Im playing with design and showing how something good can come from nothing in a short time.
time spent on producing the mark - 1 hour and 35 minutes.
As you can see, the most difficult part to deal with if you are to place the delta and taf letters as equal markers in the logo mark, they clash like hell...... And they just dont work. Visually it is unbalanced so the most logical decision is to take one of the letters and make it far more prominent and part of the brand mark than the other.
The decision was to use the Delta, a great shape as it has many conotations. Directionality - it points upwards if the balance and alteration is given to it. Diagonals are always striking if played with correctly.
Any way, make of it what you like and again i mention that this in no way is this official work, it is a play of graphic design and communication on a very basic level.
A quick sample of screeners for one of the logos. The screens when a break comes on for the current programme.