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    Environmental Creative communication for organisations/NGOS/Funded projects.
The Environmental Creative services site. I launched a new service focused on the NGO/organisation market that require unified and powerful solutions for their web and identity communication needs.
I have worked in this sector as a freelancer for quite a while, and it came to the point where i wanted to unify my knowledge and the people I work with to provide a more tactical and targeted service. To often I encountered Organisations/projects that had a very scattered and distributed approach to brand and their web presence, they were using many different "languages" and many different suppliers to provide services for something that needed to be a unified and well bound package. Encompassing brand and identity, web technologies, cms and web platforms, social and search and many more provisions.
We tried to create a tightly designed and implemented interface that was to the point and promoted the concept behind Environmental Creative. Visual, technological and personal.
Rotating visual banner and key statements.
Google maps web applications for GEO-coded data. A lot of organisations and projects have GEO data, but only use it in the form of excel or table data. Why, I prefer to visualize it which gives an extra level of meaning and understanding of their contexts and allows the viewer to start to see new patterns and indications of future actions.
Heatmaps and markers specific to architecture of the application.
Dynaimc charts.
Pie chart
Pie chart Donut
Bar chart
Bar chart negative
Bar chart stacked
Box plot
Bubble chart
Column drilldown
... and more
Full responsive CSS3 and HTML5 web interface. And that goes for all the implementatiions that we do for our clients.