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Reporting Email Campaign Results


Email-based attacks are responsible for more than 90% of all cyber security breaches. Most successful attacks start with an email. Especially when a person opens the email and gives out private information, or downloads a file. 

Keepnet Labs which is a platform with various products to prevent email-based attacks. Phishing Simulator allows you to start an email campaign with emails that look like phishing fraud emails. The campaign report presents the data on recipients’ behavior such as opening the email or entering their passwords.


Project’s goal is to re-design the phishing simulation campaign report that includes each recipient’s behavior as well as general stats. I lead and supervised 2 junior designers on my team for the project. We were responsible of all aspects of the design from research to final UI design.

Who’s gonna use this? And why?
I interviewed lots of users and my colleagues who work directly with customers and gathered information on user habits, motivations, user feedback, requested features, competitor products, market needs, legal requirements, etc.

How do all that information come together?​​​​​​​
We created a Figjam board on Figma and listed all possible information we needed to show and action that user need to take. We carefully defined which information and tools are crucial and needed and which are not, based on the knowledge we had from our research. We decided to remove some graphs and charts for example, because they weren’t giving any useful information.

Ideate and Wireframe:
I conducted brainstorming sessions within design team to discuss best layout options. Quickly iterated wireframes to discover our possible options. We had to consider optional dynamic fields to be arranged in a way that won’t break the layout on any combination of options.

UI Design​​​​​​​
We created the UI kit by putting the components together from our library. We created the interface components for stat cards at the top and widgets below it just for this feature.

User Testing​​​​​​​
We created survey study on Optimal Workshop to test if user can understand the given information on example reports. We displayed an example report for every question and asked participants to select the right answer. We recruited participants from our co-workers, actual users and test users from Optimal Workshop’s pool of testers.

User test result were successful and feedback we gather from users are very positive. We will keep observing our users and improving the product.

This project let me to sharpen my skills as a team leader as it is my first project to lead a team bigger than 2 people. I learned the value of brainstorming and creative thinking processes, since these methods lead us to discoveries about grouping and showing such complex information.
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Reporting Email Campaign Results

Reporting Email Campaign Results