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Delivering Grocery - Case Study


Wahoo Delivery promises to deliver your goods under 10 minutes. Like many of it’s competitors, Wahoo also has trucks and bicycles on the move, storage units and contracted providers near services zone. Users can select products from the catalog, enter location and payment details and can expect the delivery in 10 minutes.


Project’s goal is to design the user experience and interface for both consumer and courier applications. I was given an extensive brief with basic wireframes and user flows in general based on their research. I was then asked to design interactions and user interface for this project. I was to first design an initial MVP interface and then after the release improve it according to usage data.

Target users are aged between 18 and 30, and more. App will be used mostly around university & college campuses at its initial stage. Having Y and Z generations as our primary target audience means they will be picky about the user experience but they are more open to smaller typefaces and can tolarate somewhat tight layouts. Couriers were also expected to be in the same age range.

The aim was to start the project as soon as possible, and improve the product according to user habits and behavour. So I was expected to deliver first round of designs in a short amount of time. I iterated on wireframes according to the brief and flows I was given.
Screens are mostly pretty standart for a delivery app at this stage. Home screen has a map that shows estimated delivery time, user’s address and product categories. We aimed to fit as much as categories in the screen so users would know about the products but we couldn’t afford to reduce readability so we decided on 3 categories in a row.
Products screen has categories at the top and products listed under it. Here we used 2 products in a row to increase readability for product details and it allowed me to keep product images bigger so users can see them better. App automatically finds the user’s location and fills the address field but it can be edited by the user.

Rider App
Couriers a.k.a. riders are the employees who deliver users’ orders. Riders needs to get notifications when an order is given, see the delivery location on the map, track their earnings including tips and communicate with the customer when needed.

UI Design​​​​​​​
First round of UI design started with the objective of design and development process to completed within a short due date. Designs were to be renewed after a user base is established and having some user data. Brand colors were already determined as red and white.

After the first release, user behavour data were collected and I had some more time to improve the UI. Catalog view was changed to 3 column layout. “Address details” field was added upon requests from riders, and rider name and picture details were added upon user requests. UI details such as shadows and background colors are changed for a more modern and sleek design. Main red color was softened a little and gradient was lifted to achieve warmer and a more friendly feeling. Add-remove buttons were improved in terms of visibility and aesthetics. Pay button background color was changed from red to green.
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Delivering Grocery - Case Study

Delivering Grocery - Case Study