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Betian Sportsbook Visual Identity Concept

Beyond the Bet
Betian Sportsbook
At Betian, we're not just another sportsbook; we're redefining the game. Tasked with disrupting a saturated market, our team crafts a sleek, tech-forward brand that puts the spotlight back on what matters: the bet and the game. We elevate customer experience through intuitive design and adrenaline-pumping visuals, offering a potent alternative to celebrity-cluttered sportsbooks. Betian is where the true spirit of sports betting comes alive.

Target User:
Young to middle-aged tech-savvy individuals who appreciate design aesthetics and the sport itself, not just the celebrity culture around it. Primarily focused on the Asian market where sports betting has cultural traction but lacks a modern, design-centric platform.

Value Statement:
"Redefining the Game – Where Every Bet is a Front-Row Experience"

Persona 1: The Tech Whiz
    Age: 25-35, Gender: Male
    Interests: Software development, start-ups, sports analytics
    Values: Efficiency, innovation, minimalism

Persona 2: The Design Enthusiast
    Age: 28-40, Gender: Female
    Interests: Graphic design, modern art, competitive sports
    Values: Aesthetics, user experience, uniqueness

 Persona 3: The Avid Sportsman
    Age: 30-45, Gender: Male
    Interests: Multiple sports, sports history, betting
    Values: Authenticity, competition, quality of the game

Persona 4: The Cultural Connoisseur
    Age: 35-50, Gender: Female
    Interests: Cultural trends, international sports, travel
    Values: Tradition, community, high-quality service

Betian targets these personas by emphasizing a streamlined, design-focused interface that captures the essence of the game and the thrill of the bet. We strip away the noise and offer a platform where sport and strategy are king.
The brand leverages sport-inspired patterns for visual texture, aiding quick recognition of betting categories.
Banner Graphics
UI Element: VS. Screens
UI Element: Bonus Cards
UI Element: Banners Solid Colors
UI Element: Banners Gradient Colors
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Betian Sportsbook Visual Identity Concept


Betian Sportsbook Visual Identity Concept