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Ladies Room: Sirius XM Radio Show with Jasmine Brown

Ladies Room with @watchJazzy
Introducing the Brand Identity for The Ladies Room with Jazzy Brown.
Jazzy Brown, aka @WatchJazzy, is a Baddie! Her comedy style is hilarious, bold, and brash! And thus, the brand for her radio show had to reflect that. The brush strokes for the logo are brave, and in your face, it represents a confident attitude. The creative director and I settled on the idea of a Queen on her throne passing her judgments as she and her friends "Spill the Tea" on modern dating.

Target User: The target user for this brand identity appears to be individuals who enjoy bold, hilarious, and brash comedy with a focus on modern dating. They are likely seeking entertainment that doesn't hold back and isn't afraid to pass judgment and "Spill the Tea." This user values confidence and authenticity in content.

Value Statement: The brand is all about being fearless, unapologetic, and brutally honest. It delivers entertainment that is not for the faint of heart, providing a space for open discussions on contemporary dating with a humorous twist. The brand's confidence and boldness set it apart in the media landscape.

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The logo features confident brush strokes and a Queen on her throne, representing the show's theme of passing judgment and "Spilling the Tea" on modern dating.
Key Art
The Key Art, Social Graphics, and Quote Graphics all showcase the brand's unique and confident attitude, making it a standout in the media landscape.
Social Assets
The use of pink, paired with a dark background, adds to the brand's bold and vibrant personality, making it stand out from the crowd. The use of the border's reflected LOL Radio's brand standards at the time for social graphics. Using bold colored borders to quickly grab viewers attention on social media.
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Ladies Room: Sirius XM Radio Show with Jasmine Brown


Ladies Room: Sirius XM Radio Show with Jasmine Brown