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Future Ready Detroit

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Empowering Detroit's Tomorrow, Today. Future Ready Detroit is the watershed event where technology and community converge. Hosted by Dell and Rocket Fiber, we shine a spotlight on the transformative power of fiber-optic internet to sculpt a greener, more efficient Detroit. From civic leaders to tech enthusiasts, this is the pivotal gathering that sets the roadmap for a sustainable Motor City.
Target User:
Civic leaders, tech professionals, sustainability advocates, and local residents interested in the intersection of technology and urban development.

Value Statement:
"Revolutionizing Detroit’s Future Through Fiber-Optic Innovation"
Event Poster

Persona 1: The Tech Innovator
Age: 25-40, Gender: Male/Female
Interests: Emerging technologies, smart cities, sustainability
Values: Innovation, efficiency, community impact

Persona 2: The Civic Visionary
Age: 35-55, Gender: Male/Female
Interests: Urban development, public policy, sustainable solutions
Values: Progress, community betterment, sustainability

Persona 3: The Green Advocate
Age: 20-35, Gender: Male/Female
Interests: Environmentalism, renewable energy, urban farming
Values: Sustainability, community activism, ecological balance

Persona 4: The Local Change-Maker
Age: 30-50, Gender: Male/Female
Interests: Local entrepreneurship, social innovation, community events
Values: Local development, social impact, technology adoption
Powerpoint Template
The Future Ready Detroit event serves as a touchstone for diverse stakeholders united by the same vision: a sustainable, tech-empowered Detroit. Your branding should focus on emphasizing the transformative potential of fiber-optic internet, not just as a tool for faster connectivity but as an enabler of systemic, sustainable changes across various facets of urban life.
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Future Ready Detroit


Future Ready Detroit

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