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York Towers


Real Estate development.

An international and leading real estate company with more 100 projects in Europe and Middle East.

Georgia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt....


York Towers believes that home is more than just walls and furniture. It's those moments and memories of happiness that you spend with your family; therefore, It must be unique, special, and magnificent. That's what York Towers promises to present to its customers so that they live, work, and enjoy their time together. York Towers is committed to meeting all customers' tastes through establishing integrated residential complexes with all means of luxury and meticulously pinpointing special places for building unique homes with special imprints for each customer.

This belief is the basis of building a new and interesting identity for the brand that revolves around uniqueness. We tried to find a concept that reflects how the company can help customers make the home unique for them.

The fingerprint is a distinctive and unique mark to each individual. It can be relied on in creating the new concept of the brand and using it to express the uniqueness of the York Towers projects.

By analyzing many fingerprints, we found that they revolve around the shapes "a loop, a whorl, a regular point, and a delta". We used equations that help analyze the uniqueness of fingerprints.

One of the oldest singular point detection techniques used in fingerprint processing is the Poincaré index. The index is defined for a path in a vector field and represents the total amount of angle change of the vectors along the curve. Assuming that the curve is closed and it is in the gradient field of a fingerprint then the Poincaré index is given by:
Where the function 𝜃(x, y) represents the argument (angle) of the gradient vectors and the last expression is obtained by Green’s Lemma.
By laying the closed curve around a loop, a whorl, a regular point, and a delta, it can be concluded that P will assume -2π, -π, 0 and π radians, respectively.

​When one walks the dashed circle in full, the direction of iso-curves, and thereby the gradient angles change with the Poincaré index. This observation is used, typically along with the curve integral of the equation P, to determine if a candidate point is a whorl, loop, regular, or delta type.

Then substituting for the different possibilities
gives us many forms, some of which are:

After studying the forms generated from the equations, we chose the delta shape at n = 1 and P =π, shaping the letter "Y" to become the new logo for York Towers.

The new York Towers mark is a visual representation of the brand’s commitment to excellence. It is clean and simple, yet elegant.

Our Logotype is approachable and easy to read. Optical kerning, refined weight, and defined clear space, as well as well delineated placement in relation to other content, all help to make it as instantly recognizable as possible.

The new logo is a confident evolution. It builds on York Towers heritage with a powerful, symmetrical and precise mark.
The values of the brand shape how it looks and how it behaves — bold, luxurious, exciting and engaging. We made a brand that brings excitement and emotion. A brand that is proud and warm and welcomes everyone. A brand with a simple promise of ‘a good home’.

The concept of uniqueness is at the heart of the brand identity. Our pattern is inspired by the different directions of the fingerprint lines, that are unique to each individual. We had the firm belief that the identity itself must ,somehow, represent the unique homes and establishments we do.

We have developed our own pattern generator which, with the help of simple parameters, will generate an infinite variety of line directions based on previous equations. This is the basis of dynamic identity and all shifting forms. In this way, the identity will continue to live and develop indefinitely, like the unique and ever renewable human fingerprints.

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York Towers

York Towers

York Towers იორკ თაუერსი an international and leading real estate company with more 100 projects in Europe and Middle East.