SAMPOERNA HIJAU | 'Maju Bersama' - Making of
Sampoerna Hijau - "Maju Bersama"
Client : Phillip Morris Indonesia
Brand : Sampoerna Hijau
Ad Agency : Lowe & Partners Worldwide, Jakarta Office
Creative group head : Aji Bekti
Art director : Johan 'Bejo' Wanggary
Copywriter : Wirastomo Hadi
Print producer : Lola Aprilia
Production management team : HIRA Jakarta
Production partner : Prana Pramudya
Photographic image maker : Adhitya Himawan of himawan/prawira
Digital image retoucher : Sony of C! Production
One more exciting layout had arrived that day on our desk. A story about our happy-go-lucky trio, bond by brotherhood of living life by the moment itself. This time, they will try to walk across a huge river along their fun trip. To avoid being drifted by the stream away, they walk closely by one to another, hand in hand, and yet - always fun, no worries as long as they move forth together.
So... Back to the work, fellas. Photographer's sketch. In that heavy rainy season...
Tight timeline... No studio....
No set of artificial pond or whatsoever.... Simply - on Location. Photographer's mandatory agreed by the agency's team.
**our photo-producer : dam*it. Let's do it then..!
Hell yeah, after 28 non-stop scouting travel, this is it! The hook of a river near headwater, passing a cave nearby. Perfect shape and perfect stream. Our location. Safety rope has been set the day before.
OK guys, set them up! Good job, sun had risen, time to shoot! Yay!
Let's make some test then. Try the water. Feel it. Bring it on!
Insurance company.... I am sure you don't browse Behance, eh? 15 centimeters from camera base to... Oh, my....
Okay, let's roll it guys...!
The final published image for the ad. We shot some separate images another day to bring the liveliness of the talents into bigger scale of the river & depth of the bank. Great works by Sony from C! to blend them all stunningly.
A wrap!
SAMPOERNA HIJAU | 'Maju Bersama' - Making of

SAMPOERNA HIJAU | 'Maju Bersama' - Making of

Integrated photographic image making for Sampoerna Hijau Out-of-home Campaign, 2013. All rights reserved by advertiser, brand owner, and their re Read More

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