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    BTPN Sinaya - "Money Journey" print campaign - communicating how customer's fund is being developed by empowering other people's lives. A photogr… Read More
    BTPN Sinaya - "Money Journey" print campaign - communicating how customer's fund is being developed by empowering other people's lives. A photographic image-making process for an advertising campaign, with a touch of photojournalism approach. Read Less
These are some of published photography images and randomly-selected documentations behind a print series/campaign for BTPN Sinaya (a brand of priority banking in Indonesia). Launched by this early 2014, it was entitled "Money Journey", showing how a customer's fund would work for him/her by affecting and developing other people's lives as well.
During the pre-production stage, the client told us that they wanted the pictures to be pleasing, but also bringing the honesty of frugal reality in their visual manner. It was like blending good advertising sense with photojournalism approach. A litttle bit challenging at one side, but so much satisfying on the other edge.
So how it was started. If it was needed to go to a small and modest stall, we went there and put the lights on. If we have to do it on a set, we built it up. For us, this was a dazzling collaborative work between the agency, the client, and the whole image-making team at himawan/prawira.
Client : PT Bank BTPN
Brand : BTPN Sinaya
Agency : Saatchi&Saatchi Jakarta
Art Director : Eddu E. Eigven
Copywriter : Laurentius Erik
Print Producer : Fiully Santini
Production Design & Management : HIRA Jakarta
Production Partner : Prana Pramudya
Photographic Image Maker : Adi Prawira of himawan/prawira
Organic Digital Image Retoucher : Pandu Kharisma at TheGrouP
"Your money journey gives them practical training of entrepreneurial know-how, and indeed, how to start and develop their small business(es) itself."
"At BTPN Sinaya, your money will not only give you high interest rates, but also take part in a journey of helping and empowering the potential resources of Indonesian people."
The portrait of Indonesian woman who creates small kiosk of traditional bamboo & rattan crafts. The story was real, but this image was created with carefully-selected talent in a dressed-up stall within suburb area.
The shooting day for "traditional rattan & bamboo craft".
A sub-urb location with tight space, but with deep reservoir of feelings within.
The making of "Indonesian Natural Scent Store" image. We developed the brand and even the packaging design uniquely. Then we 'built' the 'store' inside a studio. Before the set-up was started in time, our art director with our digital artist tried to craft the mock-up props with spare materials. Then everybody joined ahead. What a dazzling day of shooting...
Final check by Adi, the photographic image-maker for this series.
He hand-picked some perfume bottles to be rearranged finely before the exposure took place.