British Telecom (BT) 
VR Game and Interactive Showroom

We've made two different VR experiences.

1. Mobile Showroom
Designed to run on mobile devices with limited controls and served mainly as an immersive showroom where users can walk, look around and select the content they want to view.
Primarily designed for Google's Daydream.

2. Rugby Game
A little Rugby game, where players would need to "throw" the ball to hit certain targets.​​​​​​​
Designed for HTC Vive - we attached Vive tracker to a real rugby ball so that players would hold it instead of controllers and make a "throwing motion" to actually throw it inside VR.
Preview from UE4
Some WIP screenshots from Substance Painter
Check out my VR & 360 Reel for some snippets from it.
British Telecom

British Telecom