For this year's Xmas cards and self promotion, I imagined a gift giving chain between animals in the forest. I didn't do much digital illustration lately, it was a great pleasure to get back to it for once and make something cute and sweet. I printed the cards with Only 11 packs of 6 cards were made, 5 are already gone. I hope the 6 last ones will find new owners soon and will bring lovely christmassy messages all around the world :-)
∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵      You have a sweet merry Christmas ^_^       ∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵∵
'13 Xmas cards