A few months ago, I was asked to make illustrations for the exhibition "Eau là là !",
which is about my region history, from the dinosaurs until now.
Northern France was under water for a very long time and it took ages for the people to develop techniques
that keep the land away from flooding. Today, most of the land is protected so that the fauna and flora
can grow and live the way it is supposed to.
The exhibition wants to inform the population, mainly the kids, of that history and of the behaviour
to have towards the local nature and environment.
It's been a real fun to imagine the characters, to research for maps and historical inspiration. I worked with
a great team who was very passionate. I learned so much about my region, didn't know the half of it!
I'm happy I helped this project to come to life.
To be seen at the "Ferme des Aigrettes", Marck-en-Calaisis, France, until October 14, 2014