Completed in 2013
Created using Illustrator, Keynote, Canon T1i
This started as a project at Next Day Better's Hackathon benefitting Typhoon Yolanda victims.
Prior to Typhoon Yolanda, young children in the Philippines already faced many obstacles that made obtaining an education difficult, including infrastructure, resource, and geography challenges. Such hardships were only exacerbated after the Typhoon. In our research, we found that on average, children do not go back to school until a year after a natural disaster strikes.
Our solution is an SMS and web platform for organizing pop-up schools. This allows teaching organizations to coordinate on-demand classrooms so that school can resume, promoting a psychological return to normalcy for students. In the long term, Eskuwela Now evolves into a formalized institution not only aiding, but ultimately replacing the traditional brick-and-mortar school system. The platform will also evolve to accept donations to support mobile teachers and provide school supplies. Annual metrics will be incorporated into the platform to provide a compelling narrative for donors to follow.