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    Logo variations created for the CitySandbox project within the Social Apps Lab at CITRIS.
Completed in 2011
Created using Illustrator CS5

The Social Apps Lab at CITRIS focuses on harnessing mobile game-play to address social issues. As a graphic designer for the Social Apps Lab during Fall 2011, I helped with the branding and design of multiple teams, including CitySandbox.

CitySandbox is a web-based platform intended to create opportunities for residents of our community to voice their concerns about any problems in the city and create ways for the community to get involved in fixing these problems. Users can post questions they have about their city for other people to view and comment on. After a question has been posted, other users can respond to the question with possible solutions, as well as set up events to spark action.

I wanted to capture the community-powered, public interest design element of this platform through the image of a shovel. The following are variations of the logo I created.