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    A method for creating bounded-cloud thought-space to learn programming and other linearly-taught subjects.
I am taking Technical Web Design at
British Columbia Institute of Technology
until Feb 2014.

The first weeks were hell.
I think spatially/laterally/globularly, and do it so intensively, that I look at the world in wireframe with surfaces.  This is why I rarely play 3D games.  I get spatially stuck inside the game... literally, as if I am an actor in the movie Tron. 
In learning the basics of HTML and CSS,  I was getting lost in the field of datapoints when trying to model the waypoints, but found a way forward with weeks of intense metacogntive study.  Now, I am beginning to picture dancing arrays of functions and solution sets.
This attached tutorial is for other lateral/spatial thinkers: it is what I had to do cognitively, to create bounds in thought-space, so I would have a place to lock-in html/css and programming data for study. 
Hope it is useful to other people!