Re-visioning BC's Site C Dam Project - Concepts 2 & 3

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  • Time for a Change?
    Re-visioning the legacy engineering
    A concept for rethinking the design impact of the dam
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    Communities, Legislatures, and Companies struggle
    with legacy systems that are only kept because their are amortized on the books.
    Projects struggle with legacy systems, too.
    Could re-visioning the underlying original premise
    --a 40-50 year old vision--and the architecture of Site C  transform the debate? 
    Could we start a new conversation?
    Could we create a hybrid solution?
  • Could we use Run-of-River Hydro generation
    to create a sub-ecosystem that mimics nature?
    Could BC Hydro's activities become interwoven into the
    natural ecosystem of the Peace River watershed
    vs. the discredited Big Dam system that guts the river?