Is Blockchain a realization of Asimov's 3 Laws?
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This is an allusion to the idea of "Personal Presence" in one of Asimov's 'Elijah Bailey/R. Daneel Olivaw' series of novels. In The Naked Sun, detectives Bailey and Olivaw visit Solaria, a planet with 10,000 robots per human, "where most people cannot tolerate the personal presence of other people."

People in electronically-connected countries generally have 9 personas. During the Pre-internet Era, each of us had 5. In our social media era, companies sell “First-4 Data” to Advertisers. Inferring that First-4 gleans clues about the other Inferred-5. Using machine-learning and AI, now, to claim further inference success…

Leading me to ask, where are you on the daily 'social presence/privacy' persona journey?

Blockchain’s deep power? Blockchain systematically engineers true respect for deep privacy. A true deep social contract, a truthfully private exchange. Returning the First-4 to Asimovian Full-9 Personal Presence and Control.

I wonder where it will take us?