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Maxwell Denoiser | Textured Materials

Maxwell 5.2 NEW DENOISER

Quick video tutorial on using Maxwell's new Denoiser when working with Texture materials and fine details like grass or fur. Also a quick overview of how scene was set up (lights, materials, camera settings and etc)
This is an original render that reached sampling level of 10. Beside textured materials, scene also has displacement and Grass Modifiers applied (to the cloth geometry). This image has no denoiser and was not post-processed in any way. 
Above is a comparison between fast and accurate denoising methods.

And below is the same scene but this time elephant has a lighter material (from Substance source) - it is interesting to see that majority of noise is now more prominent in different areas and how denoiser handles it.

And here is a quick case study and scene overview
Clay render

Here's the layout of the scene. (first image below)
White rectangles are light panels, that I've used to place accents.
All ambient lighting is achieved via IBL (Image Based Lighting) 

And in case if you're wondering, here are my grass modifier settings (2nd and 3rd images below). 
I wasn't really aiming for something ultra precise or anything specific. My goal was to create some random textured fibres.

I've used Channel 1 in material Grass_3 so that it projects the texture over entire group instead of individual blades (idea was to make fibres to be the same colour as the cloth area where they appear).

Cheers! 🙌🏼
Maxwell Denoiser | Textured Materials