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Viva Design is a local interior design studio that, through consistent growth, has become a recognized and valued company in the minds of its clients. However, the existing external image of the brand did not correlate with the built value – so the owners made a strategic decision to rebrand, which will allow new audiences to see the full benefits.

We started the project with a brand environment audit including an analysis of the market situation, competition and consumer motivation, which we additionally examined using a quantitative and qualitative method in the form of face-to-face interviews. Thanks to the collected data we could, together with the owners, make adequate design decisions that would contribute to the realization of their aspirations.

The rebranding included strategic action in three areas where the brand owners perfectly complemented each other, and our role was to respond to their mutual motivations. 

Brand external image | Customer Journey & Experience | Internal processes affecting image

In the visual part of the project we got clear signals from the designer, who is the face of the brand, and the clients themselves, who pointed out the recognized characteristics of the interiors "from under the hand" of Viva Design.

The new image was to evoke a sense of prestige and reflect modern elegance combined with a touch of mystery and romance. 

Created logotype consists of two stylistically different typography. The one forming the inscription VIVA is a uniquely designed minimalistic sign that functions in a non-standard composition with the word "Design", correlating its character with original solutions in interior design. 

Developed key visual based on the overlay blurring part of the photo of the interior evokes a sense of mystery and increases the desire to discover it. This simple visual effect completed with a broken line builds a distinctive graphic leitmotif, which provides a convenient opportunity to reproduce consistent brand materials.

Along with the visual identity, a verbal identity was designed, including a slogan and a description of the brand and its offer, which constitute the communication base.

The digital design area for the Viva Design brand has become the most important tool for acquiring new customers.

When designing the website, an equally important goal, along with exposing the studio's portfolio, was to optimize the process of acquiring new clients. So far, the Viva Design team has spent a lot of time on customer service and qualification for cooperation. In order to respect the recurring information needs of the audience, we focused on managing the user flow and content in accordance with the explored cognitive process.

By properly designing the site architecture and content hierarchy, we created a tool to provide new customers with condensed information.

Visit to see how it works.

For marketing purposes, a set of digital graphics templates was created to create promotional materials while maintaining brand consistency. 

An important activity to still effectively influence brand perception was a strategic workshop.

Successively, step by step, we shaped the stages of the "customer journey" in the relationship with the Viva Design brand and designed experiences at each stage (Customer Experince). Thus, the brand, based on defined models of customer service, can ensure the repeatability of its quality and at the same time gain greater organizational efficiency.

It is also worth mentioning that an additional advantage of such standardization is the facilitation of onboarding new employees to the team.


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Field of work:
key visual
verbal identification
visual identification
web design
customer journey
customer experience
internal processes

Client: Viva Design
Project coordination: Marcin Steciak / Marcin Tkaczyk

Design: Juliusz Bachta, Marcin Tkaczyk
Webdesign (UX/UI): Marcin Tkaczyk, Mateusz Justkowski


Viva Design
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Viva Design

Rebranding of Viva Design – a premium interior design studio from Rzeszów. Interior design studio that, through consistent growth, has become a Read More