Wojna Warzyw
Wojna Warzyw
Imperfect appearance. Perfect taste.
Branding for a start-up that connects local farmers with people living in the spirit of eco and zero waste. "The War of Vegetables" is a fight in which everyone wins - this is the greatest value!
Every year farmers are forced to dispose huge amounts of vegetables and fruits due to non-standard sizes or shape deformations. The stores impose rules that allow people to trade only visually "perfect vegetables".
The newly created logo is an imperfect but very natural typography that is consistent with imperfect vegetables "struggling to survive".
The business model is based on deliveries "to your door", so it was crucial to design eco-packaging that would catch the neighbors' eyes and allow to spread the idea of the project more effectively.
The brand also includes series of products that are difficult to buy directly from farmers in small quantities. This form provides consumers with unprocessed food and bring support for many local farmers, who usually sold their crops at an understated price imposed by large supermarkets.
The organic style of the brand has been so loved by the recipients that they eagerly reach for related accessories, such as beeswax wraps for keeping the food fresh.
S’SENSE Brand Studio


Juliusz Bachta – Logo design, key visual, packaging design
Marcin Tkaczyk – Logo design, key visual


Wojna Warzyw
Multiple Owners
s'sense – brand studio