Love Poem XIV: Every Day You Play
This is the recent project I completed for Typography class. The project focused on eight texts, including different forms, such as food recipe, poem, novel, play, etc. In the second and third section of the project I focused on working with one of these texts, poem by Pablo Neruda, entitled 'Love Poem XIV: Every Day You Play'.  I created different typography variations and the sequence of studies on the text to emphasize messages of the content. In the end I printed the book on recycled paper for the text and cream color vellum for the section title pages, and I used a bristol card for the cover. I embossed the title to give it a light, delicate touch. Overall I tried to create a soft, graceful composition that goes together with the love poem. In the end I bounded the pages in a French fold and used the Japanese binding and wrapped it in a bristol cover. And thank you to Sean from my type class with taking the shots!