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    Subang City Branding 2012 College Project
A city branding project called Amis Bumi Subang (read : sue-bung), means sweet home Subang in Sundanese language, a city located in West Java, Indonesia which is well-known for its pineapple farms and its mountain areas. Subang is one of Indonesia’s largest pineapple supplier. These important aspects are used as the main shape elements of the logo. The image of the sun which is shown from the pineapple slice on the logo represents a fun, fresh and bright mood.
One of the promotion strategies used in this project is a book about the fact and useful informations of pineapples for the visitors who purchased pineapples in Subang.
Nanas (or ananas) means pineapple in most of languages except English
Spread Example #1 - General information about pineapple
Spread Example #2 - Pineapple Plantation
Spread Example #3 - World biggest pineapple producer
Spread Detail #1
Spread Detail #2