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    Kaleidospop 2013 Final Project for Bachelor Degree at Institut Teknologi Bandung
Indonesian pop music scene, especially the 70’s, is often forgotten by today’s youngsters. But actually it has qualities that can compete with international pop music scene. Kaleidospop is a media to introduce Indonesia’s pop scene to today’s young adults, contaning information on the 70’s music. 
Kaleidospop is a portmanteau from the Indonesian words “Kaleidoskop” which means past events as told in brief, and “Pop” to symbolize the pop music scene. 
The output of this project is a “PhoneBook”, an illustrated book with a short brief explanation about the 10 selected influental musicians, combined with a mobile application which includes information that couldn’t been shown in a conventional book form, such as songs, live videos, interview videos etc. 

In order to explain the information in an interesting and unique way, the output was designed carefully to give a fun and playful impression.
Titiek Puspa
Benyamin S.
Rhoma Irama
Koes Plus
Harry Roesli
Giant Step
Franky & Jane
Guruh Gipsy
Book Cover
Illustration Detail
Layout Detail - Each musician has different page layout
App Detail & Interface
Bonus Poster
Promotional Poster