The 5 Coffeeshop Campers You See Everyday
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    These are 5 sets of illustrations I made for a article.
These are 5 sets of illustrations I made for an article by Diana Camacho of It's about the types of people she see in coffeeshops almost everyday. I based each set on the character's personality.
Making these illustrations was really difficult. I'm used to painting, but not digitally so there's a bit of a struggle. Haha. I opted for the "grungy" look (hahaha) so I can excuse some mistakes. I kind of got the hang of it in the end, but my fingers were sore. Still, it was fun (\o/) because I liked the results and I was able to make something (five freaking sets) with a new style.
You can read the full article here. But I included excerpts below. :)
The Student
"They travel either alone or in packs, with at least one of them wearing a hoodie or varsity jacket
proudly declaring their tribal colors (along with their school’s name plastered in big, bold letters)."
The Corporate Slave
"One can be easily identified through its long-sleeved polo, understated tie,
and versatile messenger bag combo."
The Hipster
"These are the easiest to spot, looking like they jumped straight out of your Tumblr dashboard."
The Power Mom
"She either comes in by herself or with a child (and accompanying yaya) in tow."
The Lovers
"As if studying for hours isn’t frustrating enough, there always has to be one couple
exchanging lovey-dovey stares and giggles a couple of tables away from you (if you’re lucky)
or outright trying to eat each other’s faces (if you’re not)."
This is the header they used for the site when the article was published.
These are the sketches I made before going digital.