Triple-S campaign 2011
Cross-Selling effort for Triple-S Salud, Vida y Propiedad (Health, Life and Property), three sister companies of Triple-S, Inc. The campaign message is Lo tenemos todo para protegerte meaning... “We have it all to protect you”. The project, concept and campaign were designed and developed by Edmee Vila, Gretel Haeussler and Manuel Olmo for Triple-S, Inc. The idea behind this campaign is to reiterate the fact that we (Triple-S) provide insurance for any occasion and we can insure your every need with competitive and affordable rates. Iconic images are used to represent each company, and new colors were introduced to refresh and brighten our brand identity.

Triple-S, Inc. is the largest healthcare insurance provider in The Caribbean.
This advertising campaign will run on diverse and extensive media like: Corporate Building Mesh, Internet Banners, Printed Posters, E-mail blast, Billboards, Bus Shelters, Wall Graphics, Posters (Agent offices and elevators), QR Code, WAP page, Internet Landing page, Newsprint, Outdoor Digital Billboards (corporate, product and directional), Vehicle Signage, TV, Radio, Printed Collateral, etc... The campaign is divided in two stages: Corporate Message & Branding and Company Products.
The QR Code served well in providing a mobile landing page for the Cross-Selling operation. We experimented with the QR Code on this campaign and the results were surprising. This campaign is not based entirely on the QR Code, the code compliments the efforts.
Web banners were designed and placed to prompt attention towards a landing page that redirects to any of our sister companies websites (Health, Life and Property).
“Triple-S lo tiene todo para protegerte” 30ss TV 2011 (Luna Films)
“Triple-S Salud lo tiene todo para protegerte“ 15ss TV 2011 (="font-weight:>)
An illustrative typography was created to be used on props and illustrations, and the design derives from the company symbol.
A custom image bank was created for the campaign and it’s various applications. 
The corporate color palette was extended to include bright and warm colors.