The first three illustrations from a collection of seven.
They are visual abstracts narrating and describing our most celebrated national holiday festivities. This set includes: The Nativity, The Magi and Saint Sebastian Street Festival. The mail piece is composed of four cards or postcards, size 5X7". All occasions are presented in trios, a group of three, or a group of three people performing music together. Three main characters are chosen to depict and summarize every occasion, and each scene is infused with national culture icons, flora and fauna.
1,000 More Greetings: Creative Correspondence for All Occasionst Publis
The concept was to mimic the popular Puerto Rican Wooden Saints with a geometric approach. Wooden Saints are small painted wooden sculptures carved to resemble religious icons, patrons and legends of popular Catholicism. These Santos are an important folk tradition in Puerto Rico, and considered a priceless artform. In their original context, Wooden Saints were understood to be intermediaries between earth and heaven.
HolidayTrio designed and illustrated by Manuel Olmo-Rodríguez
©2008 Manuel Olmo-Rodriguez/OlmoCS