Cristobal Salon in Condado, Puerto Rico
An AVEDA concept salon since 1997
Cristobal was my first client as a freelance designer, and still is a client. The salon was established in 1997. Since then, my services have expanded as our trust and friendship have grown, from designer to business operations and decision maker. Next year we will both be celebrating the 15th anniversary of our respective ventures. As fashion trends have changed over the past 14 years, the salon brand has evolved and matured. The logo or logotype has been kept intact, it was originally designed to be used in a variety of applications and our identity allows for it to work beside any co-branded effort.

The use of the color blue as a corporate hue, was a strategy to differentiate from other salons. I realized nobody was using blue, very unexpected and too manly. Most of the professional beauticians at the salon were male then, and blue inspires a sense of confidence, trust, stability, maturity and reliability.
The Cristobal Salon team features a selected group of stylists specialized in hair color, cut, style, manicure, pedicure and beauty treatments. Our exclusive salon offers impeccable services and sponsors internationally renowned products of the highest quality available. We use and represent nature conscious brands like Phyto and Aveda, two of the best hair care products in the beauty care industry. The owner of the salon, Cristobal Berrios, is a celebrated hair colorist, certified by the American Board of Certified Hair Colorists.
Cristobal Salon, second color phase
An AVEDA concept salon since 1997

Once the new salon facilities were finished remodeling, we introduced the vibrant green hue to our corporate palette.
As Aveda's line of men products grew and expanded, so did our marketing efforts directed towards male clientele.
Cristobal Salon, third color phase
An AVEDA concept salon since 1997

To further develop our co-branded efforts with Aveda, we re-evaluated our typographic and color approach, and two new corporate colors were assigned. 
And a new icon or monogram was introduced to accompany our image.
Elle Magazine recognized Cristobal Salon as one of the “Top 100 Salons in America” on August 2010.
All mail and printed media advertising is complimented and reinforced by email co-branded advertising, salon news, exclusive offers and special notifications. Most of our communications and promotional efforts are bilingual (English and Spanish languages).
Cristobal Salon has been recognized by Elle Magazine as one of the “Top 100 Salons in America” two years in a row, August 2010 and 2011. And this time, we decided to celebrate the occasion with all our friends.
Cristobal Salon, fourth color phase
Established in 1997

A new color palette has been experimented with, for this occasion.
The salon now offers old fashion barber services, an idea we have been working for a couple of years and the response has been great, as we anticipated.
To be continued...
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