The GGD tuberculosis web portal is a way for patients to reschedule their appointments and gather information on TB
The GGD department of Tuberculosis Screening was getting a lot of no-shows on their appointments. This increases the risk of an outbreak.

The analog system of planning, inviting and rescheduling appointments had to make room for its digital counterpart.

Patients receive an invitation with a proposed date for their appointment.
In the letter there is a code for rescheduling. Using the unique combination of the code and their date of birth, they can safely access and change their appointment and personal information.

By allowing patients to make and reschedule their appointments online, we're making it more accessible for them to accommodate the appointment to their availability.
The research showed it's not just the lack of flexibility that causes the no-shows, but also fear due to a lack of information. Therefore, the digital platform also has to inform the user on tuberculosis, the risks and the importance of the appointment.

Many TB cases come from migrants who don’t speak Dutch fluently. We used image based interactive media to allow them to digest the information in smaller pieces without having to rely on text.
This product improves the accessibility for patients who don't speak Dutch fluently, increases the flexibility of appointments, and decreases the amount of no-shows.

On top of that it also decreases the workload of the employees, as it automates a large part of the invitation process.

Full project by Janneke Koning

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GGD Web Portal