Pitstop Drive is a tablet interface aimed at making driver feel and be more safe in their car.

Tenneco, a company that specialises in aftermarket car parts, came to use with a simple brief: allow users to test the condition of their own shock absorbers.

We thought: why stop at shock absorbers?

We created Pitstop Drive, an interface for a tablet or built into the display of a car. The app uses sensors to actively monitor the condition of your car, making drivers feel and be safer.

Users can open and close the tabs to decide information they would want to see. This way they can minimise distraction when on the road.
As soon as a part is damaged badly to the point it forms a risk, the driver will get notified and is instructed to contact a garage.

Contacting a garage can be done through the interface and upon arriving there, the mechanic can use the data gathered from the sensors to solve the problem more easily.

Safety is our number one priority. Therefore, the interface has a day and a night mode. This was decided to prevent that the driver would be blinded at night, while dark mode is difficult to read during the day.

By default the interface will switch based on time, but the user is also able to switch to a preferred mode themselves.

Designed by Janneke Koning and Mike van Putten

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Pitstop Drive