Dutch Dash is a classic board game created to help refugees with the challenges they are facing when moving to The Netherlands.
You often hear that people with a different cultural background do not feel connected to the Netherlands and know very little about Dutch customs and culture. As a result, they are not involved in society, which can lead to isolation and pillarisation.
Introducing Dutch Dash: a classic boardgame teaching you the basics of Dutch history, culture and the language.

This game was made together with 3 others. My role was game designer and project lead.
As game designer I was tasked with designing the mechanics and dynamics of the game that would together form the gameplay.

How to play:
Players go on a trip through the Netherlands. They start in the oldest city, Nijmegen, and finish in the capital, Amsterdam. 

At the beginning of their turn, the player spins the windmill, which serves as a dice. This will determine a number and a colour.

The number is the steps you can take if you answer correctly or complete a challenge. The colour indicates a card type: blue for Trivia and red for Challenge.

The trivia cards contain questions about Dutch culture, history, or language. Every card also features a fun fact about the topic or sources to learn more.

The challenge cards can be either for 1, 2 or all players. The challenges can be old Dutch games like spijkerpoepen or testing everyone’s knowledge on a Dutch specialty: cheese. The winner gets to take the steps.

The first player to reach the finish wins!
Did you lose? Then this hopefully works as a good motivation to learn more in order to beat your friends next time.

Though the game is originally designed for refugees, we highly encourage them to play it with Dutch people as well in order to connect with locals, as our research showed refugees are inclined to stay within their own circles.
The game board is in the shape of the Netherlands, in order to learn the topography. This is stimulated by topography challenges that occur in the game. To stay within the Dutch theme, the pawns are also typically Dutch: a wooden shoe, a cow, a piece of cheese, a bicycle, and an NS train
Made by Janneke Koning, Mike van Putten, Dave Lingier, Noel Janssen

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