"Autographa" Exibithion - Visual Identity
exibithion visual identity
In November 2010 the well-known paleograph Giovanna Murano approached me to build the identity system and branding of her next-to-come exibithion that will be held in Florence on about September 2012, themed on famous italian’s signatures – like the one of Leonardo da Vinci, Fibonacci and so on.

She always liked and so wanted the branding to focus on simple & minimalistic aspects, but at the same time making it unique, recognaisable and memorable. She also wanted it to be “lightful”.

So, being a “signature exibith” the first and only choice was to go on a script font: the final logotype was made up of three different typefaces, all letters carefully aligned to give out the idea of an handwitten type that will look beautiful on every needed medium, from business cards to flyers to bags and on books.