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    Firenze has never been this beautiful: the most prominent cityscapes rendered in a mono-weight line manner
I grew up in Florence, Italy - and gettin' bigger inside it means to recognize the pure beauty of one of the most beautiful cities in the entire world. Everywhere you laid youreyes there's something that simply shine
Being a Graphic Designer, I finally choose to recognize this simple fact and homage it with a selection of its most beautiful cityscapes and building in icon form

Rule where pretty simple: single line weight, front view only, mantain the icons in scale between them, simple geometry and nothing more.
All the work have been based upon the plenty pics available online and it's been harder than I thought. For scale reasons, I cut Ponte Vecchio & Viadotto dell'Indiano and downscaled the more horizontal buildings, as SMN Station and the football stadium - and decided to enlarge the Tramvia a little bit. Poetic license

If you feel like some building is missing and want me to add it - and if you want to buy one of the letterpressed, limited to 350 pieces only - version of the artwork, let me know at hello@dariocalonaci.com or buy it directly from here: http://dariocalonaci.com/product/firenze-icons-print/
If you want one copy of the print, limit numbered at 350 and priced at 45$ with international shipping included, let me know at hello@dariocalonaci.com