We believe in KnOwledge ™
KernedOwl is a brand new italian Advertising Agency, focused on delivering to a worldwide clientele just one thing: the best quality.
I was hired to design their logo and Brand Identity.
Specializing into Logo Design, Brand Design, Photography, Photo Retouching, Web Design & Development, the studio identity needed to be clean and structured - to give enough space to the works to be showcased, while retaining a premium, classic feeling.
At this agency things are all started by hand, with a focus on typographically clean layouts, lighs and shadows. The logo needed to reflect such values - so it was carefully crafted with an art brush on watercolor paper, every little detail laid out by hand, brought into the computer only at the end.
It tooks a month just for the logotype to be completed
The rest of the identity features premium 350gm Rembrandt ebony paper, blind embossing on the business card, cd and letter envelopes
Typography needed to be clean, readable, crafted, classic looking but with a modern twist (as these characteristics are the most evaluated at KernedOwl)
A slab was chosen for the titles as the perfect bridge between the old, classic serif and a modern, contemporary sans. It also helped achieving a regal, strong feeling
For legibility sakes, a modern, stepping forward sans was paired - with squared proportions to convey the solid foundations to the brand.
Surely, the combo looks particularly outstanding in the portrayed invoice - making even the paying moment a beautiful breeze
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