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Vivo Live-Wallpapers


Together with our friends from Final Frontier, we worked hand in hand with VIVO Mobile brand to create 3 live Wallpapers for its new Android operating system.
These wallpapers would come to life through the pedometer. A flower that blooms while the mobile user walks during the day.
After a long process of RnD and a tireless search for the correct art direction, the client guided us towards the Look and Feel they were looking for.
To show this project we have prepared a video where we show that blooming and guiding the viewer through that journey through the delicacy that was sought to convey with these wallpapers.

Presentation Film Video


Live Wallpapers. ​​​​​​​

Process & RnD

Direction: TA\VO Studio
Producer: Beatriz Romero
Director & Art Direction​​​:Tavo Ponce
3D Designer & Animation: Tavo Ponce, Juan Linera​​​​, David de Pastor

Production Company: Final Frontier
Executive Producers: Chris Colman, Gustavo Karam, Julieta Zajaczkowski
Project Manager: Bella Jiang
Music Production Company: Final Frontier
Music Composer: Facundo Capece

Client: VIVO
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Vivo Live-Wallpapers

Vivo Live-Wallpapers