Maxwell 5.2 - NEW DENOISER is kicking SSS
In this video we'll be looking at how to deal with noise in Subsurface Scattering materials using Maxwell's new denoiser. Plus quick overview on how this particular scene is assembled (models, materials, lights, camera)
Here's the side to side comparison. Original render (left) vs Denoised result (right). Render time 10 minutes, Sampling Level ~7.8, denonising time ~35 seconds
And here's a Denoised result (the image is 2k square, render time 10 minutes, SL ~7.8)
In the video it might be a bit tough to see subtle changes in sharpness, and in tiny details, so if you're curious - feel free to download MXI here and play with the denoiser settings yourself (~373 mb).

Denoiser Tutorial