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    “Está-nos a sair do lombo, está- nos a sair da pele.”
One More Please

This client came to me and asked to design a tshirt that should be related to the kicthen and the chefs. They acept the first propose that i send and made like 20 tshirts for seeling. (I don´t no were they put for sale). At that time, in the end of 2011, i didin´t made any photo shoot, so i decided to publish this has an fictional/ fake event, with the all concept behind the work. 
We portuguese people are sick fucking tired of this government full of craps. They still jabing us has we were like a trashing bag. But that are not only the shity government that is bad. We are surrounded of bad clients, people that doesn´t pay the work that we have, job interviewers (this ones, i am loving it right now), and some others, that leverage the fact that there is crisis to be the "wiseguys". So the "One More, Please" is asking in the most ironic way to "this bad people" that still, unfortenely above us, to make more shit. To be the scum, and also to stop and star thinking in society/ group and not only for them belly button. 
Zé Luís 
Enjoy, Thank You. 
2011 to 2013