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    Masters Dregree Project Communication Design & Editorial Projects FBAUP"2013 UC. Infografia Prof. Luís Taklim
This is was masters degree project from College of Fine Arts From Porto, propose by Luís Taklim, the Infographic teacher. The objective was to make an complete infographic, that contains, maps, graphics, a bunch of data, diagrams and most of all an ilustration.
So, the main idea was to create an infographic around the skateboard. Almost like the idea that - who learned never forget. It applies most part of the bicycle but the same principle.
The title - Un Skate avec des Ailes - means: A skateboard with wings. From the television serie, Asas nos pés. 

I made technical drawing of Mr. Tony Alva - Zephry Team (Z-Boys), the oldschool Dogtown. And digital paiting with photshop and a mouse. 
Thank´s for watching 
Big Hugs para todos