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    Masters Dregree Project Communication Design & Editorial Projects FBAUP"2013 UC. Ilustration Prof. Rui Vitorino Santos
Os Super Homens São Internos - The Super Men Are Internal
This is was masters degree project from College of Fine Arts From Porto, propose by Rui Vitorino Santos, the ilustration teacher. The objective was to make an authors book, with a homenage an artist, filmaker, etc, a reference or quote. 

From the book's editorial phenomenology, rethink their multiple possibilities as single object. The narrative approach to the project must come from an exercise in honor or Citation to an author or current artistic choice, through the appropriation of their modus-operandi, references or conceptual approach.
So with this i decided to make an honor to Super Man and Jean Michel Basquiat. For most reasons, maybe it was because this two accompanied me through my childhood, and were always a great reference. Putting this, I tried to find some connection and some crossover of information where could connect these two characters. This guys are both american, have both great power and they hide from the society. Jean Michel writting "Samo" on the wall, Super Man hiding underneath a formal suit. Their life in the book are the basic ilustrations of faces, that represents their normal life without being known. I tried to aproach from the line and tecnics of Basquiat representing some actions of Super Man. 
All spreads are placed and glued to the contrary, hiding some illustrations, forcing people to peek inside the book. The sub-Cover is a poster and the cover is a black cardboard with a black fingerprint. 
Thanks for reading and watching, have a great trip. 
Base sketchs - whithout the intervention 
Digital Print - 70x100cm