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Sogo Rewards
Sogo Rewards

Sogo Rewards is the loyalty programme of Sogo Hong Kong, the city’s largest ‘one-stop-shop’ Japanese-style department store. Featuring a point collection system, Sogo Rewards offers a series of exclusive privileges and benefits to its members.

Lacking a substantial brand identity, Sogo Rewards required a distinct rebranding that would render it independent from the main Sogo brand. Drawn from its Japanese retail background, a contemporary logo was inspired by a traditional bow knot often used in Japanese gift packaging customs. The logo is symbolic of well wishes and gratitude as it ties together Sogo and their valued customers, all the meanwhile deftly depicting the ‘SR’ monogram. 

The separate logomark is optimised for digital and smaller applications. It can also be appropriated as a standalone defining graphic element. An accompanying series of floral graphics was designed to illustrate the four membership tiers formed from a variety of Japanese flowers, providing another layer of brand element to work with.

Sogo Rewards