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Chewed Card - New Year 2021

Chewed Card
Lunar New Year greeting

I am so sorry! This was supposed to be a gorgeous card with an elegant design and profound philosophy. We were looking forward to celebrating the New Year of Ox with dignity and true professional satisfaction. Unfortunately, the whole print run was damaged by a herd of creative cows. Ruminant power is unstoppable. Nevertheless, Oriental Collection* is growing, so welcome Chewed Card.

110 unique greeting cards were made of Schedografia Cordenons paper using silkscreening and a series of odd manipulations.
Happy Chew Year!

chewing, spirograph, grass, eternity, pressing, potato, freedom, chance, hay, satisfaction, flower, time, marker, material, nature, printing, spring...
*Oriental Collection is our self-initiated project to last 12 years and contains 12 New Year greetings corresponding to the Lunar Calendar symbols. The style of the project is a mix of cultures and times.
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Chewed Card - New Year 2021