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Tiger Card - New Year 2022


Tiger Card
Lunar New Year greeting

The greeting consists of four postcards-paws sent out in intervals, like when a tiger leaps, it takes its paws from the ground one-by-one. When all four postcard-paws are delivered, the tiger's leap is complete. The sending process becomes a full-flagged design component, together with form, color, composition, and texture. As the postal services could be unpredictable, divination is offered to the addressees. The oracle on the reverse side of each postcard says: "The tiger's leap will bring you luck when all four paws have touched the ground." Each of the four postcard-paws has corresponding letters L, U, C, and K. Thus, the Luck will be delivered to a fortunate recipient in case of success.

Postcards have been valuable and desirable celebration attributes for almost two hundred years. According to research by the Greeting Cards Association (USA), 70% of people who purchase greeting cards say they are essential to their lifestyle. Every year postal services around the globe work hard to deliver dozens of billions of greetings and bring us the joy of communication. Unfortunately, greeting cards can be lost, damaged, or significantly delayed. These shortcomings can lead to disappointment, and can ruin a festive mood. Alternatively, it also inspires! This time we came up with the idea of how to turn this unpredictability into a cheerful game. The Tiger Card is dedicated to the Year of Tiger, and invites foretelling the future.
Tiger Card is a part of Oriental Collection, our self-initiated project to last 12 years and contains 12 New Year greetings corresponding to the Lunar Calendar symbols. The style of the project is a mix of cultures and times.
Agency: Gutsulyak.Studio 
Designer and Art Director: Yurko Gutsulyak 
Postage stamps production: Picture Postage 
Decorative stamps production: Yourstamps 
Paper: Creative Board Mandarin by Koehler Paper

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Tiger Card - New Year 2022

Tiger Card - New Year 2022

Tiger Card is a Lunar New Year greeting and it consists of four postcards-paws sent out in intervals, like when a tiger leaps, it takes its paws Read More