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Labyrinth Card - New Year 2020

Labyrinth Card
Lunar New Year greeting

With Labyrinth Card, we welcome the Year of Metal Rat 2020 and enlarge our Oriental Collection with a new piece. Rats are known for their intelligence, ability to find the way in labyrinths, social behavior, and extraordinary nose. All these talents became an inspiration for greeting card design. The idea is to experiment with the new dimension of fragrances and tell the story with their help. 

While there are so many talks about augmented reality and 3D, the dimension of fragrances is undervalued and even restricted sometimes. It happens because smells are challenging to control, and the human nose is far not the most sensitive organ. Try to explore the world in a new way - Play the Game.
Labyrinth Card is a game where players should play with their noses, literally. The game space is a grid made of squares with different smells. They are cinnamon apples, chocolate, and firtree. To release a smell, one should scratch a surface of the card. The goal of the game is to find the most cinnamon apples.​​​​​​​

Oriental Collection is our self-initiated project to last 12 years and contains 12 New Year greetings corresponding
to symbols of Lunar Calendar. The style of this project is a mix of cultures and times.


Why there is no smell of cheese?
It is a misconception that rats like cheese. In reality, cheese is unhealthy for rats as it contains too much fat.

How long will Labyrinth Card smell?
There is no particular expiration date. However, it is better to use the card within the first five-six months of the year. Microcapsules with fragrances are fragile and unstable. Thus it is recommended to avoid mechanical and temperature effects. 


What were the previous cards?
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Labyrinth Card - New Year 2020

Labyrinth Card - New Year 2020

Labyrinth Card is a New Year greeting card and a game where players should play with their noses, literally. The game space is a grid made of squ Read More