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ORIGINAL LOGO (2010 - 2012)
Our original logo was built before we knew what a great team we had for making products, and before we had a clear vision for where we wanted to go. It was built to support the success of our first two products on Kickstarter. These products shared one common belief; Smart phones and tablets were about to change our world and we need great tools to make them ready for productivity. We wanted to build tools that would add on capabilities to your smart devices.
NEW LOGO (2012 - Current)
Fully realizing the success of the Writer and Jot, we buried our heads to understand our mission as a company. Jot showed us that we were hitting on a much needed desire for a tool for the creative minded. It was a tool that we needed in our own creative process, so we set out to build tools that remove the barrier between thought and creation; Tools that empowered creatives in a mobile age.
Our new logo, the pyramid, is the strongest geometric form with the smallest amount of waste. It represents the tools and building blocks that are Adonit products. We build products that are minimal but powerful. Tools at the core of enabling the creative process.
///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// LOGO STORY
We are designers building for designers, so we wanted our logo to engage the creative side of our brains. The triangle on its own is bold and we didn't want to break that. To keep that simplicity we laid a perspecive on the inside of the triangle to build our pyramid. When each individual looks at it they will interpret the point in the middle as either protruding forward or set back. We leave it up to the individual to interpret.
Our brand principles of bold, purposeful, and passionate take a strong influence from swiss design. The basic triangle shape, geometric strength, and mathematical relationships helped mold the logo with purpose and elegance.
///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// LOGO GUIDELINE
///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// LOGO STORY
///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// LOGO STORY
//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// LOGO DEVELOPMENT
After going through hundreds of ideas, we settled on a trianguular influenced geometry to emobody our story. From there, we expanded our thought path and we set out to explore all the best ways to tell our story with the geometry of a pyramid. Here is just a small portion of those explorations.
/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// LOGO PLACEMENT EXAMPLES
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