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Jot Script’s design is an evolution our first generation Jot’s. It has the same metal finish, quality construction, simplicity, and weighted feel in your hand. In the process we gave life to an evolved set of design principles that guided the aesthetics and product experience to be purposeful, bold, and passionate. Jot Script lives and breathes our design principles in every detail. We hope you enjoy the improved experience.
Jot Script’s body has been simplified to reflect the style of a high end ball point pen. The grip was designed to have a low impact on the design by integrating a fine ribbed pattern around the aluminum body. Doing this simplified the look and enabled it to have a full body aluminum barrel.
Jot Script was designed to have the ease of picking up a pencil and jotting on the closest thing near you. There were a few hurdles to cross to achieve this. Jot Script is a powered solution so we needed to have a power button, but since it’s only use is powering & syncing with an iPad we didn’t think it deserved a prominent position. The elegant geometric grid of the button and indicator light siting on top of the grip, makes it melt into the body. Powering on is just a press of the button and then it recedes away. 
Keeping the price low so it’s available for more customers was important to us. By utilizing a AAA battery we were able to shave down the price, but it also created the need for some interesting solutions. At the back of the barrel we designed in a ring to add energy to the design and signify where the cap is removed to access the battery.
////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// CONNECTION & LED BEHAVIOR
Ideas happen fast and we removed every barrier we could so all you had to do was hit the power button and start writing. We diagramed out every behavior of Script so that we could handle all the complexity and leave your hands free to create. When your done, don't bother turning Script off, it will go to sleep on it's own.
//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// DESIGN DEVELOPMENT
Early sketches exploring a stylus with a high-end ball point pen feel. (Ryan Mahan sketches)
Pixelpoint tech required us to place the battery in the back of Script.  We used 3D printed Jot Scripts to test the balance and length of barrel with users.
Trying to understand how we would assemble our two battery cap options. We wanted to balance aesthetic with cost and ease of assembly.
Battery cap options that balance the Evernote green highlight with overall design.
Kris Perpich & David Sperry kicking off marketing efforts for Jot Script.
///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ENGINEERING DEVELOPMENT
Jasper Li, Ian Kung, and Zach Zeliff discussing Pixelpoint development.
Working on the Jot Scripts board. (Sorry we had to pixelate the secret sauce)
Testing out one of over a hundred working prototypes.
///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// PRODUCTION & TESTING
Adonit Taipei assembly line gets to work on the first 50 Jot Scripts for Evernote's EC3 2013 conference.
Multiple Owners