Adonit has participated in CES (The International Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas since our early Kickstarter days. Back then we had one small table and a lot of attitude. The next year, our booth consisted of a converted shipping container. Four years later, we presented our largest booth space to date.
With the bigger space came bigger challenges. We wanted to provide a unique booth experience while using some of our signature elements from previous years. We went for a space that intrigued visitors on the outside, and provided an uncluttered, fluid space to explore on the inside. And to stand out in the sea of other booths, we went higher and brighter, building the booth up vertically and using creative lighting.
The strategy behind the graphics sought to answer two simple questions: Who is Adonit, and what do we do?
To keep the space contained and feeling uniform, we placed two of our biggest objects across from each other. On one end we placed our container, which was now converted into meeting rooms. At the other end, we placed a monolith gate, featuring out products as larger-than-life graphics on the outside, and in a lighted niche on the inside. 
We designed the central space to provide the optimal demo experience, placing five two-sided demo stations throughout. Each demo station displayed three iPads and our four styluses: Jot Touch, Script, Pro and Mini. The sides of the demo stations held pockets offering product detail cards. A backlit demo display showed an image of the product and a quick visual description.
After the design was finalized, we partnered with Trade Design from Signal Hill, CA to execute the construction of the booth. We looked at quite a few vendors, but it was their attention to detail and upholding our vision that made them the best fit for us.
In the end, we kicked off 2015 in style at CES, with an ideal space to introduce our products and the people who make them. Even more than providing plenty of space for visitors to see our styluses, the open plan made for a relaxed environment where they could really pick them up and explore at their own pace. That’s some big CES space well spent.