We are the Orangutans
Increase donations and establish the Save the Orang-utan project as a sustainable campaign helping a species highly similar to human beings from going extinct. 

Active Compassionates- Canadian M/W, 26-44, HHI $40,000-$200,000.  They have minimal college education, and are caring towards things outside of themselves-that be other people, animals, the environment, you name it. They take the time to read the paper on the weekends and are up-to-date with current affairs.  They don't shy from the realities of life, and are contributors to causes and needs. They participate in events, such as CBCF’S Run for the Cure, shop at the local market to help reduce their carbon footprint, and enjoy the simplicities in life that go a long way.  They are a part of the changing attitude that even the smallest help toward making the world and humanity a better place goes a long way.  Active Compassionates are motivated by the greater good of humanity, but they understand their place in the world as one person, and fear the ignorance of mankind and the irreversible consequences it may have.

Humans are related to this footprint-impacted species more than any other, sharing  98-99% of genetic makeup and 28 unique physical characteristics.  Commercial logging, clearance foragriculture, and poaching have declined orang-utan population 30-50% in the past ten years- fifteen deaths per day.  In a hopeful but serious tone, we wanted to speak in the voice of the orang-utans in the human tone.

This was the project that made me see my potential as an Account Manager, but I still had my fun with  conceptualizing.  Kudos to Yvonne Noseworthy as Copywriter and Josh Bezemer for Art Direction, and the most engaging meetings.