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    Soap had men feeling a little insecure these days ...
Confident Men
...and their use of Irish Spring
Refresh and position Irish Spring bar soap as the Real-Guyʼs choice of soap over feminine-like body wash and other faux-persona brands, as it is the soap that gets the job done.
The Real Guys- 22-34, medium ethnic presence, minimal college diploma, HHI $20,000-$70,000,
singles/couples. They plop in front of the television straight from work, read Maxim, enjoy sports, and
videogames. Real Guys donʼt read instructions or ask for directions, but theyʼll always stop to look at a
cool instruction site. They have a good sense of humor,and what makes them different from the
Wannabe Greasers and the Airhead Athletes is that theyare nonchalant, confident men. Yes they
shower daily and shave, but not at the cottage. The Real Guy is often disguised in a suit and tie. This man needs to find the soap that will let him be real and not inhibit his masculinity.


These men donʼt care about the hygienic aspect of bodywash over bar soap- they just want to get clean.
They want their relationships to be manipulation-free-including those with their brands.  We wanted to show  that Irish Spring give them the clean they want while still letting them be the the cool guys they already are. 

As one of the earlier projects in my role of accounts, it was challenging to position the original deodorant bar soap in the noisy market.  Nonetheless, product testing amongst art director Josh Bezemer and copywriter Yvonne Noseworthy had even the brief smelling Irish Spring fresh.