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    I helped Leve.rs create a clean and sexy brand and online presence for their data prediction tool.
Having worked on many projects with Vuurr in the past, it was only natural for them to come to us when they began working on their new data prediction tool called Leve.rs. The tool allows an organization to compile all of its online marketing data into one place, and then allows them to simulate projections about what changes to those channels might mean for any one of numerous key performance indicators.

We began the project by helping Levers position themselves visually and solidify their brand image. The logo design is a custom-drawn logotype that consists of a stylized ‘V’ created by the left half of the letter acting as a lever to raise up the right half of the form. The right side of the ‘V’ is also raised past the top of the wordmark to reference the idea of a rising graph.

In addition the logo design, we selected a sleek, monochromatic palette of blue-grays punctuated by small pops of candy-colored hues paired with a slightly tech-looking san-serif typeface. We developed a set of simple, bold shapes designed to represent bits of data, and have used them in illustrations and iconography throughout the marketing and application sites. We worked alongside the Levers team to design and refine the marketing site and application UI until it communicated the complex concept of data aggregation and simulation in a clean, simple way.