"Ballistic: Escape from Earth" android app
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    Climb your way off of the Earth in this grueling epic struggle to reach your home planet! Use simple swipes to control your character as he climb… Read More
    Climb your way off of the Earth in this grueling epic struggle to reach your home planet! Use simple swipes to control your character as he climbs home through rain, hail, and asteroids, all set to bring him crashing down. Earn points to buy upgrades that will make the journey easier. Play on 3 game difficulty settings. Can you escape the earth? Read Less
"Ballistic: Escape from Earth" is a mobile android app currently for sale on the Google Play store here.
This was a collaboration between the principal developer (Logan Mosley), and myself.  I designed and digitally painted all of the assets for the game.  
We start out with our intrepid hero, the Ballistic Ball:
This is the character which the player attempts to direct in order to escape from earth in the game.  The challenge in designing this character was to create a character who looked angry, not in a crazy way, but rather in an intense and focused "ballistic" way.  I did quite a bit of research and experimentation before I settled upon this particular design.  I was able to pull certain elements from the "Incredible Hulk" into my design (such as the large teeth and the exaggerated brows) to try and achieve my goals.
I designed this logo for the app to help communicate the tongue-in-cheeck feeling of seriousness that we were trying to express in the game.  Breaking up the letters in the last part of the word really helped to convey that sense of "Ballistic"-ness that we were going for, I think.
This is a water droplet enemy which is present at the beginning of the game, and which must be avoided if the mothership is to be reached.
This is an Ice enemy which must be avoided a little later in the game, as the player ascends into the upper reaches of the atmosphere, where the water droplets begin to freeze.
Finnaly!  The mother-ship!  Upon reaching the goal, the mothership descends and brings the Ballistic ball inside for transport.
As the player rises through the sky, Mars can be seen dropping away in the background.
This planet was digitally painted to fit in with the hand-painted look and feel of the rest of the app.
The moon rises in the background.
This asset was digitally painted by me to provide the same hand-painted look and feel that I tried to capture throughout the rest of the app.
An example of one of the plant assets from the game.
Digitally painted to evoke a hand painted feel.
This was the basis of the menu screens.
The intent was to bring a gritty tongue-in-cheek feeling of seriousness to a game about a somewhat simple and cute ballistic red ball trying to escape earth.  For the earth, I used a portion of the public domain Nasa photo from their April 12, 2011 Astronomy photo of the day and did some adjustments to increase the atmospheric effects.  After digitally painting several parts of the image to help it feel more cohesive, I added the logo, which I designed, to the top.